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Become an Educator

Become an Early Childhood Educator with the help of SFDCS Scheme (us!) and provide care & education in your own home.

Family Day Care

Enrol your child at a Family Day Care - where their care & education is supervised within a small group of no more than 4 to 7 children*.

About Us

At Sydney Family Day Care Scheme, we strive to provide excellent home-based education and care environments to nurture every child's growth and learning.

By working in partnership with educators and providing them with support and training, Sydney Family Day Care Scheme works to ensure that each child's needs and interests are valued and reflected in quality programming.


We and our educators honor parents' and families' role as children's first and primary educator. We always welcome inputs from families to help us create family day cares where children can feel safe and encouraged to explore their potentials.


Children in Family Day Care have the advantages of learning and developing socially, educationally and emotionally within the security of a small group. They will participate in activities that have been planned to suit each child's individual needs, such as story-telling, singing, playing games, outdoor play and executions.

Our Philosophy

At SFDCS, our philosophy is developed through an understanding and appreciation of the needs of educators, parents, children, and local communities – their values, beliefs, life experiences and knowledge are paramount.


Family Day Care Educators are pivotal in directing the early learning development of children in a safe and controlled environment. Within a home setting, support from the scheme-to-educator and educator-to-children ensures gentle care, focused education and proper development required by young children.


Within the SFDC Scheme, educators, families and children are tied closer and operate under a thriving community. These close-knit circles continue to benefit with greater communication and understanding of one another than the larger childcare model.

Family Decorating Eggs

Each and every child should be granted a safe, healthy, caring, stimulating, educational and family-oriented environment which reflects the warm, nurturing and friendly atmosphere of home. By working closely with educators and providing them with quality support and training, we provide an environment where every child in care can achieve their full potential. 


Parents are an integral part of our scheme’s philosophy, as they are viewed as the most important role model in our children’s lives, and act as a link between:

  • Home and day care

  • Day care and the child’s respective primary school

  • Day care and the wider community

What are the benefits of becoming an educator with Sydney Family Day Care Scheme?

Early childhood education offers a flexible and rewarding career. Benefits include:

  • Working from your own home; you can be at home with your child while earning income

  • Setting your own work days and hours

  • Support from Sydney Family Day Care Scheme staff to assist you with all aspects of care and education of young children

  • Training opportunities 

How many children can I care for?

For Family Day Care, the educator-to-child ratio is 1:7. But you can only have up to 4 children who are preschool age or under at one time. For more details, visit ACECQA.

What qualifications and documents do I need to provide to become an educator?

To become an educator with our scheme, you must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • Be fit and healthy; free from any medical conditions or substances that could affect your ability to care for children

  • Have a good understanding of children's needs and abilities

  • Have current public liability insurance

  • Hold or be actively working towards at least a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

  • Hold a current First Aid Certificate

  • Hold a current CPR Certificate

  • Passed the Working with Children Check (this also applies to any other family members over the age of 18 who resides at the premises)

  • Passed the Police Check

  • Passed a Home Safety Inspection conducted by one of our coordinators

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Becoming an Educator

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