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Children are free from childhood but should experience development through ordered practical play in a warm and loving environment. This includes art work, imaginative education, and sensory education that should be habitual. 


They are nurtured as a whole personality that is full of self-esteem and acknowledged through holistic education.

Therefore, it naturally induces growth, development and manners through example.

Children should be educated to grow up into healthy children who love traditionally and culturally. We must live as a happy home, a healthy Australian citizen with the realization of safe childcare.


To this end, I have continually pursued educational growth and expanded effective parenting and parenting programs.

Yang Bok Hwang Main Educator

Certificate II in hospitality

Certificate III in Children’s Services

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Certificate of participation (EYLF)

Diploma of Children’s Services (Early Childhood Education and Care)

Dongguk University (Master Course of Counseling Education) Final education in Korea

         •  Director, Institute of Happiness Relations

           • A kindergarten second grade teacher

           • Youth instructor first grade

           • Parent education specialist

           • Gender equality specialist

           • Senior Planner Instructor first grade

           • Cooking Psychology Counsellor first grade

           • Aging design specialist

           • Anger Management Counsellor first grade

           • Psychologist aged care Counsellor first grade

           • Art Psychology Counselling first grade

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Phone: 0432 048 229


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1/47 Church St, Lidcombe NSW 2141 

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